How To Use A Scrying Mirror

I noted in an earlier blog that I have started to make Scrying Mirrors. Since I've started making them I've been getting some questions about how to use them. Questions that I feel need answered! So, here we go...

A scrying mirror or magick mirror, is a very useful psychic tool. Divination has been practiced as far back as we can tell. And while different traditions held different methods, the results and reasons were always the same. Scrying can be used to access your inner self, spirit guides, oracles and to gain access to other realms and plains of existence. Results can vary from being in better touch with yourself to gaining a glimpse of your future... Or anything in between, depending on the aim of the scryer...

Regardless of why you choose to scry, or what comes of it, the "how to" is rather basic. It's one of those things that "a minute to learn, life time to master." Well, maybe not a lifetime, but it does take practice - above all else - practice!

It may seem, the first time or two, like it's a waste of time and nothing will ever come of it, but if you are willing to stick with it, you'll master it in time!

You'll want to scry while you're in a meditative or trance state. If you meditate regularly, this should be easy for you. If you don't, take some time to "master" meditation first. Once you've reached a relaxed, meditative state, set up (or you can do this before you meditate) your mirror, and dim the lights. You may use candles or incense (see below) to help you focus.

Gaze in to the mirror and focus on what it is you aim to see. Do you have a question? Are you trying to meet your Higher Power or Spirit Guide? Then look "past" the mirror. (Do you remember those "I Spy" books where you had to look past the pattern to see the picture? Just like that)

You may want to vocally ask a question or simply sit and focus on what your goal is. Remember that this may take time, and don't be surprised if you see nothing the first time or two. But you shouldn't give up! Try, try again is the way of the witch! If after 5 or 10 minutes you aren't seeing anything and you feel like you need to give up, do it. If you start to question yourself or scrying you won't succeed, so it's better to just try later when you can be relaxed and focused.

I also suggest keeping a record of your experiences in your Book of Mirrors so that you can reflect on them later.


Some Candle & Incense Correspondence Suggestions (if you choose to use them)

Candle Correspondence - (if these don't align with your tradition or beliefs, use whatever does)
  • Indigo - For Deep Meditation and Saturn's Energy
  • Yellow - For Psychic Power, Concentration, Mental Powers and Wisdom
  • White - For Spiritual Strength and Enlightenment, Balance during Meditation, and Lunar Energy
  • Silver - Removes Negative Energy, Promotes Psychic Abilities, Telepathy and Clairvoyance as well as the Energy of the Goddess and Moon
  • Purple - For Psychic Ability, Wisdom, Spiritual Growth, and Success
  • Orange - For Mental Clarity
  • Brown - For Improved Concentration & Telepathy
  • Black - For Deep Meditation and the Energy of the Crone
Incense Correspondence -
  • Honeysuckle - For Luck and Psychic Power
  • Lotus - To Aid in Meditation and to Open the Minds Eye
  • "Spirit Blends" - To Raise Personal Vibrations, Attract Spirit Guides and Honor Higher Powers or Personal Deities


  1. Hm, now if only I could get over my fear of dark mirrors, I could try your method. lol. However, I have tried Fire my tarot deck, it never tells me what I ask, but instead what it feels I should see. Underlying problems and the like. Great post. ~)O(~

  2. Scrying in a fire is called Pyromancy, and predates Scrying mirrors. It's also worth noting that you CAN use a regular mirror, but you should use a darker room if you do this than you would with a black mirror...

  3. I skryed when I was a teenager. I had to practice 3 times before I got it but was then able to do it very quickly, almost naturally. I saw many people in the mirror, but I have no clue who they were. I could make out their bodies, clothes, hair, etc in detail; however, their faces were always covered in brown cloud-like substance. I see that same cloud-like substance when I see spirits. Why am I not able to make out faces? Can someone please explain what I am seeing? I am 36 now and still don't know. Thanks!


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