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Making My Own

I have never been a big fan of craft time. But the older I get and the longer I practice the more I realize I prefer hand made tools. So I'm getting away from buying them and learning how to do things like carve a want from an apple branch, and make my own candles. Part of my reason is simply because the older I become the more I have a need to control everything - including how and what my tools are made of.

There are still some things I think I will purchase rather than make my own of, simply because I'm less than an artist and I'm a perfectionist, but anything I can make myself, I will be. This week I've made a new Scrying Mirror, Pendulum and I've harvested a branch for a new wand from a fallen apple tree. Next I plan to perfect my jar candles using coconut oil, bees wax & essential oils! From there, who knows where I'll go next... I've started to study herbalism, so I hope to start making my own teas, tinctures and incense formulas, but at the moment, I'm not there yet, so I'll continue to use the formulas others have given me!

My New Scrying Mirror

I'll keep you all posted on how the creations come along! And I've been considering opening an ETSY shop to sell my Scrying Mirrors on - because it went that well! But I haven't decided yet... Again, I'll keep you posted if I do!

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