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Seeing Is Believing!

So any of you who are long time readers know how I feel about living "green" whenever possible. And now that I've been combining my "Natural Living Blog" and this one you're learning about my support of cloth diapering.

But sometimes it's hard to really wrap your head around the damage disposable diapers really do. So, I wanted to share something that someone sent to me today... Maybe this will help "hit home" how much using cloth really does help the planet as a whole!

This is an approximation of how many disposable diapers the average child will go through. EACH ONE of these diapers will take 500 years to completely decompose. In that process they will release Dioxin, Formaldehyde, Chlorine and numerous other chemicals in to the Earth and Water around them... 

Even choosing to use Cloth part time will decrease this amount by a large percentage, as well as reduce your child's exposure to such chemicals as well! 

Give Cloth A Chance!


  1. As an added bonus: By the time littles are at potty training age, they'll figure out real quickly that going on the toilet is a lot nicer than having to sit in a yucky wet mess that isn't instantly absorbed! ;)

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