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Being Pagan Every Day

Being Pagan in a non-Pagan world can be difficult, and one way to keep your spirituality on track, is to have certain daily rituals or routines. Having something in your life that is spiritual each day can go a long way in deepening your relationship with the Divine.

Daily meditation - This is a good activity if you have the time and peace to do it. As a busy mom, I find it hard to fit this into my daily routine. Take 10-15 minutes every day to sit alone with your thoughts. Your specific mode of meditation is up to you. You can either focus on reducing stress or relaxation, or use your meditation time for more spiritual pursuits. If you like guided meditations, you can find some here at or try a book of specifically Pagan ones, called Magical Meditations.

Keep an altar - Having an altar isn't exactly an activity, but seeing your sacred space every day is a great visual cue. You can make an altar anywhere, on a kitchen counter-top, bedside table, fireplace mantle or bookshelf. Add traditional Wiccan items such as a chalice or small cauldron, or you can use anything that strikes a chord with your personal path. Even just a simple arrangement of candles might be enough. Remember this is your sacred place, so make sure to keep it free of clutter and dust.

Daily reading - Though there are some books designed to be read each day, you can apply this practice to any book. Find a book that you are interested in, and make the commitment to read some each and every day. You don't necessarily have to read an entire chapter. Or you can find a website or email newsletter that offers a daily offering (like the Pagan Daily Devotionals or DailyOM).

Wear jewelery - It doesn't need to be overly blatant or even something specifically Pagan (like a pentacle), but having a piece of jewelery that has special meaning for you can be a constant spiritual reminder.

Have a sacred plant - A similar idea to having an altar, but a plant requires care and interaction a little bit more. This would have more significance if your path is Nature-based. Water it, clear off dead leaves or flowers, and even talk to it each day. Your little piece of the great outdoors.

Now, these may be great tips to keep you spiritually charged each day, but if you are in the broom closet for whatever reason, they may not suit your situation. I don't recommend flaunting your beliefs with a large pentacle around your neck if you work in a conservative office, for example.

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  1. What beautiful suggestions for staying grounded with your own spirituality :) Thanks for sharing.

    Found your blog through - I'm BeckiBChocolatier


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