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This Big Blue Planet: New Series Intro

I've heard many people describe Pagans with words like "treehugger" or "environmentalist" and for a great many Pagans, they hit the nail on the head... The "green earth" movement and the "Pagan" movement progressed side by side and in many ways influenced one another, I'm sure... But just being Pagan doesn't equal green, as being green doesn't equal Pagan. Regardless of our beliefs we are all sharing this one world, and we are all responsible for doing our part to clean up the mess we have and keep things clean once we get them there.

I've heard people say that "Global Warming" is nothing more than myth and that we aren't really harming the world any more now than we always have. Now, I'm not going to get in to the is or isn't Global warming a reality conversation, that's something you need to research and discover for yourself. But, what I am going to say is we today, are seeing more and more proof that what we are doing, and what we have done is not just hurting our earth, but it's hurting us... Our lives, our children and our health.

Cancer rates are on the rise, year after year... Chemical poisonings, Brain Injuries, Developmental Disorders, Birth Defects... The list of negative environmental influences in our lives goes on and on... I could fill an entire blog just listing them, so lets not dwell. But in stead, we need to take note not only of what is happening, but how we can change it.

Now, let me be completely honest here - I am LAZY! I'm not the kind that wants to work twice as hard or pay twice as much just to fall in to the "green" category. And I don't think I'm really that different from most people out there. We work hard all day just to bring in enough money to support us and our families and we don't want to have to work harder still just to do the every day to day chores we have too...

I have to say, in no way is this my idea... In fact a great many tips I'm going to be passing on have come straight out of one of my new favorite shows, The Lazy Environmentalist. If you have access to it online, through Netflix or if you have the Sundance channel and can watch it directly, I HIGHLY recommend you watch it...

Now, the whole point of this series is to give you tips and tricks to make your every day to day life just a little greener - a little cleaner - and still allow you to live your life without making big huge painful changes! As I post future Series posts I'll come back and link them here, so bookmark this post, that way you have access to all of them in one place!

My number one biggest tip, and the only one I'm going to actually give here, is to start slow! If you try to reform your entire lifestyle in a month, or even in one year, you're going to become completely overwhelmed and unless you're some kind of super person with amazing stamina! Pick one or two changes you wish to make, and make a point of sticking with them, once you've mastered those habits, move on with one or two more. Changing your life is a slow process, accept it!

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