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My Values As A Pagan

  June is Pagan Values Month. So if you do a quick search you can most likely find a great number of blog posts like this one. And no doubt there will be some differences from person to person. Because of that it's hard to make general statements on things like Values, and I think that's the case with any belief system. So rather than creating an over generalized "These are Pagan Values" post which is full of more crap than words, I'm simply going to stick to exploring my own Values, as a Pagan.

   Now, I have to be honest, while the idea of sitting down and writing up a past about my values seemed very easy at first, it's turned out to be much more complicated than I ever thought it would have been. It's one thing to live by them, and completely different to have to identify them and place a definition on them or explain why they are so important. But, I am going to do my best!
  • Respect - I do my best to have a basic respect for all life forms and treat them accordingly. However beyond that basic respect I have for life, I do believe that respect on a deeper level should be earned, not simply given away. And of course, I believe we should have a great respect for ourselves first and foremost.
  • Honor - Not only to live by what we believe, but to live in a way which shows a reverence for the past, the Gods and our heritage.
  • Honesty & Integrity - Simply put, I see absolutely no excuse for being anything less than 100% honest or doing exactly what you say you will at all times! I don't buy in to the idea of "white lies" or "side stepping the truth" in any way - You may not like what I have to say, but you can always trust if I'm saying it, it's at the very least my honest opinion, if not fact!
  • Self-Reliance - When the chips are down, you will always have you! 
  • Loyalty - Holding fast to the alliances you form - spiritually & personally!
  • Equality - I don't buy in to this idea that any one group is better than any other - We are all a part of the Human Race, so act like it.
  • Education - There is nothing more valuable than a good solid education! Beyond educating yourself, Educating others can change the world!
  • Hard Work - Good old fashioned hard work! I started working full time at 14, and worked for my mother & family friends businesses before that. Hard work is the only way to truly fulfill your desires, goals and faith!
  • Courage - Without the courage to get up and live by your values, you have nothing.
  • Perseverance - Always pushing forward, even against all odds!
  • Charity & Kindness - Giving of yourself to better the world as a whole.
  • Tolerance - Understanding that not everyone is going to hold the same beliefs, values and opinions as you do and being willing accept your differences without reverting to anger or argument.
    Of course, I'm far from perfect, but I strive to live my life every day in accordance with my faith, my values and by always following my heart! And of course, to teach my children to do the same!

    **This has been a post for the Pagan Values Blogject

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