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Vegan Pagan?

Over the years I've heard (and seen) others say that if you're going to be a "good Pagan" you need to be vegan or vegetarian at least. Many believe the "harm none" requires one to not harm animals either... Which I completely agree with - to a point. I would never condone animal abuse, dog or cock fights or locking a dog in the car or anything like that BUT, at the same time, I love burgers! So, how is it that I can say I'm Pagan, I love nature, I see the Gods in everything and then turn around and eat an animal...  Well, to me it's simple - Humans, are in fact animals.

Now, before you get upset, think back to fourth grade science. Remember how everything on earth was classified as plant, animal or mineral? Well, guess what, we aren't minerals!

So, since we are animals, we are spiritually equal to them... We are no better or worse, no higher or lower... We are animals. And like animals our bodies are made a certain way, and that way includes eating meat. Think again, fifth grade this time - back to when you learned about carnivores and herbivores...  Well, if you remember there was a third classification as well - Omnivore! You and I, we're omnivores!

At this point many will say, we CHOOSE what we eat, and we don't have to be omnivorous... We can choose to be herbivores if we want to... But in reality, we can't. We can choose not to eat meat, but biologically, we are in fact still omnivores. We are still made to eat both flora and fauna...  The proof is in the teeth!

What do I mean the proof is in the teeth? Do you remember nothing of elementary school? Animals are classified as herbivore, carnivore or omnivore by their teeth. Those who have teeth meant solely for eating plants have flat "grinders," think cow teeth, while those meant to eat meat have sharp "cutters" think wolf... We have BOTH!

So what the hell am I going on about... Well, what it all boils down to is this... I love and respect nature. And nature made me the way I am. So I feel to not use my body the way it's meant to be used is in fact going against my own beliefs and dishonoring nature.

Of course I think we can still make smart choices about how and what we eat. Just because I believe in eating meat doesn't mean we need to eat hormonally altered, force-fed, abused cows when we want a burger. And in fact I don't believe we EVER should! I'm all for free range, hormone & antibiotic free farms. If it were up to me we would get some wild game every year and stop eating beef altogether in this house - but my extremely picky husband hates the smell of it and won't let me cook it at all...

Anyways, here's my final thought on the subject... Don't let anyone tell you that you're not a "good Pagan" because you enjoy a burger. If you want to eat meat, eat meat! And finally, support farms and groups who treat their animals properly - it's better for you and for them!


  1. Love this! I am exploring more vegetarian and vegan options for our family, but that is more for health reasons than anything else. I agree, we have meat teeth and vegetable teeth and digestive systems designed to handle both. My feeling is, by limiting our meat intake a bit more, we honor the sacrifice of the animals that we consume more. I also make an effort to buy free-ranged and humanely killed livestock. Great post, you hit the nail on the head for me!

  2. Frankly I LOVE meat lol... my father and husband are avid responsible hunters and I believe that the fact they supply their families with meat doesn't effect my pagan-ness. We thank the animal for their "sacrifice", which I feel is important for my children recongnize.
    Great post!! Thank you!! )O(

  3. I take no issue with people who choose to become or remain vegan or vegetarian. I know some do it for health reasons, others simply because they don't like meat. But the idea that one HAS TO BE just in order to be a good Pagan is insane! Lets face it, most Pagans are proud of their ties to the past, pre-Christian beliefs, no matter how loose those ties are... Do you think they were all vegans back then? I think not!

  4. Beg to differ, check your teeth. They are all flat. Even your incisors are flat compared to dogs, wolves, cats, and any carnivore. You say we are all animals and yet you make it sound as if all animals are meant to eat meat. Cows are vegetarians,so are groundhogs, but look at the groundhogs teeth. Sharp to chew woody PLANTS. Our teeth are flat, but sharp so that we can grind plants. We do not have exaggerated incisors to tear meat. Do the research my dears. We "make" the choice to eat what we want only because humans evolved by making the choice in the first place, but that does not mean that our systems are truly designed for it. Me, I make the choice to eat plants, and to harm no animal. Also healthier because I am not putting thing in my body that isn't meant to be put there in the first place. My choice.

    1. You're partly correct. If you study the teeth of humans, as well as ALL other primates, you'll see that their teeth are not specialized for the sole consumption of meat or vegetation. Primates, ALL primates, including humans, are by nature omnivores, which means that they are generally what are considered to be "opportunistic feeders."

      As humans, for the most part, we make our own opportunities at this point. We have come past the point where we have vegetation to live on when our harvest is strong and then a need to hunt when it's not. That does not, however, mean that we are past the point of eating meat. It simply means that we are to a point where we have the opportunity to choose what works best for us.

      However, regardless of how we choose to eat, the point of the article here was how it weighs on our faith or religion of choice. I have been told quite a few times that I'm "less of a Pagan" or even "not a REAL PAGAN" simply because I choose to eat meat. Which I beg to differ with.

      For me, eating meat is a matter of faith. It may not be for others, and that's their choice. But for me, I feel it's a great disrespect to the animals not to consume them, as I believe that is their place. Just as I would see a refusal to eat vegetation as a disrespect. I don't see any difference between killing an animal for food or killing a plant for food... As I see all of creation to be equal. But I certainly wouldn't stop eating fruits and veggies simply because it would take a life - so I wouldn't stop eating meat, for the same reason.

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  5. I'm born with a penis. Ergo, it's perfectly natural for me to rape women! That is how ridiculous your argument sounds to a non-speciesist, just like a racist argument would to a non-racist.

  6. So we're spiritually equal to all animals, but it is okay to kill them and eat them? Does that mean it is also okay for us to kill and eat humans, since we're ALL spiritually equal, surely we shouldn't differentiate - only killing other animals mean we see them as less equal.

  7. Also, gorillas have more impressive canines than we do, but they're herbivores. Does that mean they're being irresponsible, or does it mean they're spiritually superior to us? Shouldn't spiritual choices and compassion be a little more elevated than the taste of a burger? I know people who have never eaten meat in their whole lives and they are healthier than any meat eater I know. So since, it is obviously not necessary to eat meat, surely we should make the compassionate choice?


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