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Theban: The Witch's Alphabet

Many books on witchcraft and magick skip over the Theban Alphabet. And I myself have yet to even attempt to master it. I'm way to anal about such things and wouldn't be able to just be able to use it without having first perfected it in my own hand. But, that doesn't mean I don't feel it has it's place and use. In fact, mastering it is something I would love to do at some point.

But what is Theban? While not technically a "dead language" it's considered a magickal alphabet. As far as anyone knows it has never been tied to any culture or language, but instead has been used by witches and other magickal practitioners to both hide the truth of their writings and to enhance the power of those writings or objects which may be inscribed. The actual origins of the alphabet are long lost. However, it's said to have been invented by Honorius of Thebes and is sometimes called the "Runes of Honorius." In most cases though, you'll hear it referred to simply as "The Witch's Alphabet."

Over the years it's been used as a way to hide secret messages, inscribe objects, write spells and other things. It serves two main purposes - 1. to disguise the meaning of texts and 2. to enhance the mystical quality of the text or item itself.

You may wonder how can it actually empower or enhance the magickal quality of something? I have talked before about how magick works and how focused energy alters our reality. When you use your regular alphabet you are able to almost write without thinking. But when you have to focus on every letter and on what you're writing to make sure you don't screw it up, you're putting twice the focus on that item, writing or purpose. It's simply a way to reinforce the focus that should already be there.

Before you decide to use it you want to get comfortable with it. Write it out a few times letter by letter. Create a hand written ledger in your BOS. Or send yourself little notes. The more you use it the more you will be comfortable with it. Once you are able to use it in place of your regular ABCs for all kinds of things. I hope to be able to both write and read it at some point so that I can write all my spell work with it... But that's a long time off yet...


  1. I tried using it years ago and gave up on it. I've also tried dragonscript to no avail. I love that you are sticking with it!!

  2. I looked at it the same way I taught my kids their ABCs. First I have to learn to recognize them. So I took my time and wrote myself some notes and whatnot that I hung around the house - stupid stuff like door or toilet. This way I learn to see the letters for what they are... Then once I can identify them I'll focus on learning to write them...

  3. Sabrina, that's a brilliant way to learn it! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

  4. Sabrina,
    I love the Theban. I have them in my BOS but I have yet to master their use. I was so close to being able to write with them without the use of a 'cheatsheet'. I was also able to read it with some accuracy. Of course now I am out of practice. I am going to use your idea of the signs around the house.
    You can also get the font for your computer so that you can type it in Word. I don't remember where I found it.

  5. That's awesome! I will now have to go search for it... I wonder if it will work with Open Office though, I don't have Word.

  6. Hey, I found it for anyone who wants it! YEA!!

    It's a free download and it works with Open Office!


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