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The Natural Life: Dangers of Cosmetics Video

I have before, and will again, addressed the dangers of some of the ingredients in common cosmetics. And I have and will always encourage others to make a point to use safe products. I do my best to only use products which are safe for both me and the environment, and many think I'm crazy for it... But maybe, just maybe, this video will open some eyes! She does a much better job at making this point than I have ever done!


  1. I loved that. I myself am a makeup junkie but I always search for safer alternatives (i.e. mineral makeup vs. traditional). I also use this website in case I'm not sure how safe something is: If you don't know this website already, you just put in the title of a cosmetic item and it tells you how safe it is to use. Brilliant! I think all women need to know about that so that we may consciously buy safer, better products.

  2. Thanks Miss Pettey, I actually posted links to that site as well as a few others on my other blog on this subject. And it's mentioned in the video (Skin Deep, Cosmetics Database and EWG are all the same thing.) If I get more, I'll be posting them as well. I actually check Skin Deep and the Leaping Bunny site. If something isn't on BOTH, I don't buy it.


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