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A case for science future...

Over the years the topic of Magick or Witchcraft have come up in "Muggle" company.  And often the fact that Science hasn't been able to prove it one way or another is used as a reason to not believe or even to discredit belief in such things. The same can be said for conversations about Faeries, Gods, Demons and so on. People in today's world want PROOF! And increasingly so, without proof, there is a lack of belief.

Personally, I am a firm believer in science - although I don't always agree that progress is good. Science has given us everything from the Printing Press to the Internet and without these things, out life wouldn't be any different from the lives of the Cave Man. Just with a rather large lack of caves. lol  So I'm generally thankful for Science. I like the fact that if I am sick, I have a better chance of being diagnosed, treated and healed today than ever before. I also like the fact that when it's 3 am and the baby is awake, I have the ability to just hit Power and watch 30 year old television shows to keep me from falling asleep. Science has brought us great great things and made our lives, for the most part, better than they were - or at least different, easier, more convenient...

BUT, even with all the advancements which science has made, the cold hard fact is this - We STILL do not have all the answers! So when people say to me "Science hasn't proven it, so I don't believe it" my general answer is "In the 1800's science hadn't proven cancer existed, it didn't mean it didn't..."

So the next time you are trying to bring yourself to believe in something, yet see yourself falling back on the idea that "There is no proof." Remember that it's impossible to know what the science of the future may find, discover, name or classify... And it's for this reason that we should never - and I do mean NEVER - discredit belief, faith, or anything else simply because it's not been proven to be so.


  1. I can absolutely agree with that. I think a lot of what we still call magick does have a scientific reason. We just haven't discovered that reason yet.

  2. Well, I'm not PHD, but just from the little study I have done on Metaphysics I think we do have a good bit of the answers. They simply aren't widely accepted. Does that mean that one day they won't be seen as fact? No, in fact I'm rather sure that some day they will be. But until then, it's up to us to have faith in things that aren't officially proven.

    For me, I have proof, I don't need science to back me up. But there are many who do. And it's those who I ask - Did disease not exist until Science proved it? How about electricity? Or Microwaves? Or were these things simply "unproven?"

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