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Candles... A Natural Choice!

The majority of all candles are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum based by-product of refined gasoline. Many candles also have a zinc core wick that increases the release of black soot. Studies have shown that carcinogens released by paraffin wax candles can be as dangerous as second hand cigarette smoke or diesel fuel being burned and can cause harm to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, and nervous system. It has as many as 11 carcinogens, and is equivalent to having a miniature 18 wheeler in your home.

A recent article in “The Environmental Magazine” stated that a study of residents in both rural and industrial areas were found to have high levels of chemicals in their “subjects” bodies. Indicating they had received doses of pollutants in their homes, five to 70 times higher than the highest outdoor levels to ever have been found. It said to be true, that burning candles are listed as one of the top contributors to indoor pollution.

So obviously a much wiser choice to burn in your homes would be the natural candles. Such as beeswax, soya, and palm oil candles.

Beeswax actually stimulates the pituitary gland, increasing intuition, creativity and heightened dream activity. Some people claim that burning beeswax candles before bed helps them to achieve a more restful nights sleep.

If you have ever looked into the flame of a beeswax candle burning, you will notice the wonderful amber glow that the candle gives off. In fact, based on light spectrum, light emitted from a natural candle such as beeswax is the closest to sunlight. These candles burn up to 50% longer then the common toxic filled candles, making them a much wiser choice for health reasons and for the long lasting burning times. They remove toxins from the air while burning and remove viruses that may be linger in the air as well.

Soy candles are made from a soya-bean based wax, and are generally vegan, soot free, and biodegradable. They also burn up to 50% longer then paraffin laced candles If spillage occurs these candles can be cleaned up with soap and water. Because soy wax is soft, they are usually encased in a glass jar or tin.

Palm oil candles are another natural candle. Made from palm oil wax that comes from coconuts ( the fruit of the palm trees) so no plants die during the harvesting. Palm oil candles are clean and long lasting burners as well.

Watch out for the mixes: read all the labels. As some companies advertise that they are 100% paraffin free, when in fact, some of these companies add a little paraffin wax to their mix.

Avoid lead: lead based wicks are very common in regular non- natural based candles. This common ingredient can be extremely hazardous to your bodies health. So watch for this when making your next purchase. Some natural candle companies still are using stearic acid- an animal-derived fat from the meatpacking plants.

Go scentless: those alluring scents and colors may make for a less healthy choice when choosing your candles. Synthetic fragrances are often added to the candles and are identified as VOC- emitters.

To ensure you are protecting your health and those of your family, buy 100% chemical free candles made from natural ingredients. Paying a little extra for your product guarantees you a non toxic candle in which to enjoy hours of enjoyment from. One other alternative would be to create your own natural candles by making them at home. You could check out different internet sites that supply all the needed ingredients and tools to get you started today!


  1. I'm so glad that you posted an article like this! Though when I share rituals on my blog, I do list the colored corresponding candles, because people like that sort of stuff, but me personally, I NEVER use colored, paraffin, or scented candles. I'm with you...just plain 'ol beeswax. The natural scent of beeswax has a divine scent on its own, and its healthy too.

    I appreciate the intelligence and effort that you put into your blog posts!

  2. I'll be honest, I do use both colored candles for practice and scented for my home. BUT, I always make the point to use those which are both colored and scented organically. There are a growing number of companies which are now putting out these types of products. Organic colors and fragrances are available for making your own candles as well. They ARE a bit more pricey, but when you think of the fact that using pollutant candles when doing earth magic is rather hypocritical, it's worth the switch.


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