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What to Read? The New Vampire's Handbook

The New Vampire's Handbook: A Guide for the Recently Turned Creature of the Night

Okay, this is not a book I recommend if you don't like to smile or laugh. Far from any spiritual education or lifestyle book, this is completely a fun lighthearted book full of comedy. If you're like me and keep a book in the bathroom or the car this is the book you want. You'll "learn" all about the Vampire's digestive system, which requires they take extra socks, why beheading kills Vampires and even great ways to "hook up" your home in true Vampire style!

Really, this isn't usually the kind of book I tend to post here, but this one is just to much fun not to share! It was a really nice break from all the seriousness in life and from all the stupid shiny vampires you see now a days!


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