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For Your BOS: Self Empowerment Spell

This is a fairly simple spell, and of course you should change it according to your tastes.

You will need:

    * 1 white candle (probably the bigger the better)
    * mirror

The candle should be cleansed before you begin, and could be infused with white energy, the energy of love and strength. Meditate upon your intentions before you begin. why do you need to empower yourself? Is it because you wish to realize the beauty within yourself, or you wish others to see the beauty or strength you know that lies within you.

This spell also works best if you do a cleansing of yourself, whether it is bath or shower or just visualize all of the negativity that you are carrying with you washing away.

The candle should be placed in front of the mirror, and the mirror should face you.

Light the candle. Feel the positive energy emanating from the candle.

If you worship a deity, call upon them to help you. Chant or say a prayer.

This is an example:

I walk in beauty with the Goddess.
I am strength. I am beauty. I am will. I am love.
She is within me. All who see me, know Her.

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