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Today I awoke at 3:45 as I do every day to wake my husband for work. When my alarm clock goes off it not only wakes me, but my 10 week old baby girl. And of course, whenever she wakes up she wants to eat. So, I turned on the Early morning news and nursed her – again, like every other day... Today, the difference was that when I turned on the news I didn't hear about crime, overnight fires or even local weather... No, what I saw on the television took away my breath!

The Wall of Water

At just past 1am (est) an earthquake of 8.9 magnitude struck just off the coast of Japan. This earthquake triggered a massive tsunami of nearly 20 feet in some areas. The tsunami damaged oil refineries and factories causing untamed fires and even damaged Nuclear Plants. All this in addition to killing untold amounts of people. Destroying MILLIONS of homes, businesses and lives!

Oil Refinery Fire Burns Out Of Control
This blog is rarely rarely a portal for news. If you want world news, read ABCNews. But with the great amount of loss this earthquake and tsunami caused, I felt it only right to take a moment to ask you all to send your blessings, positive energy or prayers – whatever it is that you do! 

Airport Remains


  1. Already sent, Sabrina ... it is so heartbreaking. I'll be keeping all those affected in mind all day.

  2. I felt the same this morning Sabrina! So much devistation, so many poeple in it's path. I'll be thinking good thoughts for so many today as well. Good post, thank you!! ~Karin (AKA: Crafty26)

  3. All those poor people,prayers go out to them and the ones they left behind.


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