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30 Days of Truth: Day Eight

Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit...

When I was a young girl I was really the poor kid, the dorky un-popular kid... But I didn't know it til later. There were people on and off through the years that made my life rough, but I can't actually think of any that were ongoing or that even mattered enough for me to remember it all these years later... So while I'm sure there were plenty, who at the time would have met this criteria, now, only one stands out.

I covered in an earlier post what an ass my step father was. And above all others he was the worst person I had in my life - ever! He would come in to my room, and throw my things away, make me get rid of clothes he didn't like and once after I had saved for 3 months to buy these shoes I loved, he took them from me when I got home from buying them because he said they were "Nigger Shoes." (yes, he said that)

I wasn't allowed to speak to anyone who wasn't white, he was against me listening to music or watching television. And he even told me that if I wouldn't leave he would make sure my mother "got rid of me like she should have in the beginning."

He was, and is, a bastard, a wife abuser, a step child abuser, a racist and truly one of the lowest forms of life I have ever met  -  And where I'm from, that's saying something!

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  1. i cried a bit when i read this.. you are so brave. thank you for sharing this


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