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30 Days of Truth: Day Thirteen

A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days. (write a letter.)

Dear Cher,

Through the years I have had a many breaks ups, make ups, ups, downs and more. But your music has been there to keep me upbeat, strong and confident! I have always been able to depend on you for whatever I need. While we've never met, I feel as if you've been the long time best friend every woman should have. When I'm feeling depressed, excited, lonely, bored or simply need some motivation to clean my house, I know I can always rely on you! So thank you Cher, for always being there, being you and making music I know I can always depend on!

I hope, although I doubt, there will ever be another like you again. I almost feel guilty that I have been lucky enough to live in a time with so many incredible one of a kind artists like yourself, Michael Jackson & Madonna, knowing that my own daughter will have to rely on 25 year old greats when she is my age and in need of some support!

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