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30 Days of Truth: Day One

Something You Hate About Yourself?

Okay, so what's something I hate about me? Hmmm...  I wonder if I can pick just one thing... lol!  I am an extremely passionate person, and while I feel my passion is an asset, it tends to mean I overwhelm myself with tasks that I simply can't do. Currently I have 4 blogs, a website in the works, a home businesses with Wildtree, GreenSmoke, TeaPoria and BigCrumbs, affiliate positions with seven different companies, and now I'm in the process of starting a business sewing and selling cloth personal and baby products... Then there is my awareness and charity work - Vaccine Awareness, Slavery, Human Trafficking, Child Abuse, Religious Tolerance, Hunger & Homelessness, ALS and some other Civil Rights causes...  AND, because that's not enough, I'm trying to raise the money to Open an online Metaphysical Shoppe and Education Center...  Then there are my three children, my husband, my house... 

I love my passion! But I hate the way it drives me to stretch myself way to thin!

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