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30 Days of Truth: Day Twenty Two

Something you wish you hadn't done in your life.

Sorry, this one's going to be rather kinda boring! I mean, there isn't much I can honestly say I wish I hadn't done. Most of the things I wish I hadn't done are like - I wish I hadn't broken my foot! But nothing really big. I don't have any ex-boyfriends I regret or any big scandalous videos that I'm ashamed of... Note, I didn't say there aren't those videos, just that I don't regret them - lol!

The one thing I do regret doing is helping my one friend by letting them move in to an apartment with me. I ended up putting thousands of dollars in to an apartment that I didn't live in and really wasn't even welcome in for the most part. And I never saw a single penny of the money I lent her and her (at the time) boyfriend either... But to be completely honest, if I had it to do again, if she were to call me today and say "I'm stuck and homeless" I would, once again, do whatever I could to help her, and at this point, her children & husband! So I guess I don't regret it enough! But to me, that's just what friends are, that's what they do! My friends are my family as much as my family is!

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