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30 Days of Truth: Day Two

Something you love about yourself...

So, I do my best not to be conceded, but frankly I think I'm awesome! But my absolute favorite thing about myself is my love and drive for knowledge. I have an I.Q. in the genius level if it wasn't for the dyslexia I would test higher... I remember being in elementary school and being told "Knowledge is Power."  I think the difference between me and most kids was I believed it!

My mother and I had, and continue to have, a HUGE difference of opinion when it comes to faith, beliefs, parenting & lifestyles. I am thankful that I don't share most of her opinions and attitudes. But I am even more thankful that she installed in me a great love of knowledge. While other kids were on summer vacations to the beach, we were traveling to historical sites, theaters and museums...

I only wish I had more hours in my day so I could learn more!

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