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30 Days of Truth: Day Eighteen

Your views on gay marriage.

All for it! I'm a very happy and proud BiSexual woman! While I married someone of the opposite gender, I feel I should have the option to marry anyone I choose, even if they happen to be the same gender as me.

Marriage is a legal contract, and to refuse to allow someone to enter in to a legal contract with someone else based solely on their gender or sexual orientation is discrimination and illegal! So how is it that Anti-Gay Marriage laws are even legal?

I have yet to see a single argument against gay marriage that was based on common sense or legal issues. Reasons I have seen are based in homophobic or religious beliefs - Neither of which should be considered when writing laws! And in this day and age I don't understand how people are still so quick to combine religion with politics - You'd think we'd know better by now.

Plus, in today's economy denying couples the right to marry is in fact denying our economy MILLIONS of dollars worth of growth! The average wedding in this country costs $10,000!!! Just 2 extra weddings a week, would provide our economy a $1 MILLION dollar boost! And what is the easiest way to have 2 more weddings a week? Don't limit who someone can marry!

Then there is the matter of why do people get married in the first place? 1.) Because they are in love. 2.) Because they choose to spend their lives together. 3.) To protect their family unit, even if it's only a couple, in case of disaster, loss, sickness or death. 4.) Financial simplicity - Taxes, Insurances and Ownership are all simplified when a couple is married... NONE of these reasons have anything to do with gender or sexuality. Nor do any of these reasons limit one because of gender or sexuality!

So, simply put, If you don't like Gay Marriage - Don't Have One!

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  1. Absolutely! How wonderful it is that you wrote this post. I agree one million percent!

    Brightest Blessings,
    Bird @


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