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Recipe for Celebration Book

I have decided that I need yet one more project (apparently I'm insane), so I have decided to create a "Recipe for Celebration Book" for my family - which someday, I may decide to publish... I already keep two Book of Shadows and a Book of Mirrors, and apparently, my anal retentive self isn't happy with just 3 books, I need more! lol

Every holiday I seem to be racking my brain to remember what we did last year, what day did we do this, and when did I start getting that ready, what stories did we tell and what did we eat... With an inter-religious family this can get to be a bit overwhelming, and as our children grow, we want them to be exposed to celebrations beyond our faiths as well. So, I decided I need to get organized!

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had the Betty Crocker Cook Book.  It was a big 3 ring binder style book about 3 inches thick and full of awesome recipes for every meal and any occasion. So I've decided to take that and use it as my inspiration.

So here's how I'm doing it... And of course, how you can do your own!

My first step is gathering, typing up and printing out all the songs, stories, recipes, crafts, decor projects, games and whatever else I can think to include in the book... Then I'll be categorizing everything by holiday, sabbat or celebration. Each year, as my family adds to our traditions or makes our own, I will be adding to the book.

And of course, when my children are adults, and have their own little ones, I'll be passing down copies to them so they can relive and enjoy their own family celebrations - or add their own to the book.

Long process? Yes. But totally worth it when it makes me look like Martha Stewart! lol


  1. I actually did that a couple years ago and scrapbooked the whole celebration cookbook. You will have so much fun doing it and can refer back to it every year. :) I'd love to see some pics when you are done!

  2. I don't enjoy scrap booking, so I'm going to do more of a big binder with pages kind of book, like my BOS. But I figure as my kids grow and we get more and more stories, crafts and such, it will be a great way to keep traditions alive.


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