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30 Days of Truth: Day Twelve

Something you never get compliments on.

Well, I would have to say there are probably lots of things I don't get compliments on, I just don't pay attention. I think the things that I lack compliments on that bother me is things like my passion for green living or that I try to be Chemical free as much as possible. I am a highly passionate person, and when there is a cause to get behind, I make no qualms about doing so. Since these are such big things for me, they are something which comes up a good bit. Yet most people I know see "living green" as a crock or simply feel I go to far. My mother for example sells Avon. I won't wear Avon because of the chemicals in the make up. Instead of complimenting the fact that I am willing to miss out on really great stuff some times just to stay chemical free, she thinks I'm being dramatic and blowing things out of proportion... But in the end I think I'll have the last laugh cause I won't have skin cancer!

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