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30 Days of Truth: Day Nineteen

What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

Well, seeing how this blog is mostly based around religious education, religious tolerance and religious beliefs, it would be rather hard for me to say I have an issue with religion in general. However, I am not a big fan of ORGANIZED religion, as the idea of anyone telling me what I am supposed to believe, think and feel is completely appalling! Religion in general however is one of my favorite subjects. I'm always researching and learning about different beliefs, paths, practices and traditions. It's completely fascinating to me as I feel there is no religion which we can not learn and grow from.

As for politics, I am, and always have been, very steadfast in my beliefs, and I have no issue standing up for what I believe in. But I feel that politics as a whole get lost in the drama of Washington. I prefer to stick to issues, and have open and honest discussions, with the welfare and freedom of everyone in mind. But much of the time we hear speeches and reports not about issues or facts, but about who did what when, who said what to whom and where the President may or may not have been born... It's tiresome and mindless! And it's NOT what politics should be!

But when that's all done I am a proud Liberal Democrat, I've said many times and I'll say again - I love my country way to much to be a Republican! I feel everyone, every man, woman & child, should be entitled to live their life the way they choose to so long as their life style causes no harm to another. I'm Pro-Choice, Pro-Woman, Pro-Religious Equality, Pro-Marijuana legalization and Pro-Death Penalty! I feel we should be cutting taxes for corporations which keep and create jobs HERE, and raising them for companies which send our jobs over seas! We should have equal taxes and equal deduction options regardless of income or family size! We should have higher standards for school teachers, medical doctors and psychiatrists. And we should NOT have laws forcing medication, vaccination or medical treatment on any free citizen! In addition we need to place more funding in to green, sustainable and Eco-friendly options for energy, fuel, building materials, farming & food production and consumer products! Healthcare should be made affordable, not by forcing citizens to purchase insurance, but by limiting the costs behind what makes it so outrageous in the first place - medications, malpractice insurance and schooling costs! And frankly I can keep going! It's very simple though, I believe in putting the individual first and making a country where EVERY CITIZEN has the tools and ability to be the best they can be - physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and economically!

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