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One Million Moms Against Dancing With The Stars

I am a big Dancing With The Stars fan. Although I missed the first few seasons I haven't missed a second of the last 5 years worth of seasons. So of course, like 15,000 other fans I sat through last Monday's episode of The Bachelor Pad to hear the announcement of the new cast members. As they worked their way down through the cast there were those I automatically got excited for, those who I can't wait to see voted off and those who I have never heard of before.

Of those I was excited to see were Carson Kressly and Chas Bono. I absolutely love Carson, he's just happiness embodied. I strive to be as positive as he is! LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM! Chas, I'm kinda a legacy fan of his... I am a HUGE Cher fan. Like, stand 18 hours in the snow to wave at her HUGE FAN... So the fact that her daughter, now her son, has become such a face for change on a subject that I am already rather active for, is amazing!

However, as we all know, for every person out there who is passionate about supporting the LGBT community there are 2 out there who prefer to be angry about it. We are at a point where that is starting to change, but unfortunately it's not changing quite as fast as we would all like. And even more unfortunate is the fact that so many don't understand that there is not enough activism out there. I live in a small town, there are no anti-gay picket lines, there is no one with "no gays" signs in the windows... Locally, in my day to day life, there is no outward issue to speak out against. So it's easy for people to become rather lackadaisical about standing up for the issue.

Then, something like this year's DWTS cast happens and the entire country is abuzz with the debate between Gay rights and Anti-Gay activism. This morning on Good Morning America the up-rise over the presence of Carson and Chas on DWTS was brought to the attention of the general public, including myself.

Many people recognize the "American Families First" group as a "hate group" or as a group built entirely to use their rigid beliefs to push an uber conservative agenda on the US. One of their underlings, the One Million Moms group is the apple that didn't fall far. They are a group of mothers (there is also a One Million Dads group) who aim to "clean up the country through email activism. Until today, I had not heard of them, but now I think I will be paying more attention.

The idea is simple. Moms from all over the country banning together to make changes. Which in my opinion is a wonderful thing. The problem comes in where they feel changes need to be made. While most groups like this aim to make positive changes which are based in love and tolerance, this group prefers to base it's "need for change" on hateful, ignorant, and bigoted views, which they happily accredit to their faith.

Overall the set up of the group is simple. Any time a conservative Christian mother sees an issue with something in the media they email the mother group who then takes action. They contact their followers and ask that they join them in boycotting and harassing companies and people in to changing to fit their agenda. Recent champagnes have targeted Levi's Jeans, Finish Line Inc. Sesame Street and now, Dancing with the Stars and ABC corp.

They are currently instructing their members to "Email ABC Network and let them know that we will not tolerate LGBT subjects being forced into our homes." Adding that "DWTS airs 8/7 central when children are awake and Christian families will not enhance the ratings by watching the show unless these cast members are replaced."  So they are essentially asking ABC corp to deny someone a job solely because of their sexuality. This is NOT activism! This is NOT "Christian family values." This IS Hate, Intolerance and Discrimination!

Here is the pre-set email they have for their members to send ABC:
As a mother and a member of, I strongly encourage ABC Network to reconsider their celebrity casting choices for "Dancing with the Stars" this season. I am extremely concerned that ABC feels the need to be politically correct instead of creating show as strictly a dance competition. ABC has crossed the line in pushing the LGBT agenda into what some families would consider safe entertainment.

Some programs in the entertainment industry have gone too far on controversial issues, and "DWTS" is now one of them. This show airs twice a week 8/7c while children are awake, and for ABC to promote a destructive lifestyle is irresponsible.

I am prepared to join thousands of other voices in urging advertisers to place it on their "do not advertise" list and consider pulling all ads from the entire ABC network in protest of this now highly offensive program.

If this is meant to be a family-friendly show, then I hope ABC will take this request seriously and replace Chaz Bono and Carson Kressley (who was added last minute anyway because of another cast member's injury) in this season's lineup of "DWTS". Otherwise, Christian families will not enhance the ratings by watching the show when it returns September 19.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.
While I do NOT understand this idea that the LGBT community is somehow dangerous, I do understand that there are those faiths and belief systems which do not agree with it. And while I wish it weren't so, these faiths and belief systems are continuing to broadcast their beliefs and impress it on young audiences. And while I don't support the message they are pushing, I do support their right to teach their children what they choose, believe whatever they choose to believe and of course to say their piece. The issue comes in when they take their message a step further by acting in harmful ways against those they do not support.

Any time a group is formed around creating change, it has the ability to create a more positive way. Unfortunately there are people like this, that form groups around creating a negative change. In this case, it's a group who at the moment, is using harassment and boycotting tactics to try and force discrimination.

It's rare that I ask my readers to take action on something simply because I am passionate about it. But ABC corp and DWTS needs to know that for all the negativity this group is creating, there are more of us who don't believe as they do and that we support ABC and DWTS in their support of the LGBT community! Please email ABC and let them know how you feel on this subject. Do not let a single group of bigoted, hateful, intolerant and angry women speak for all of us. You know what they say about the squeaky wheel... So lets not let them squeak louder than we do! Let your voice be heard to ABC and to this "One Million Mom" group!

Contact ABC Here
Contact One Million Moms Here - Their Facebook Page

Thank you to all my readers, as a member of the LGBT community this is a cause which is close to my heart. But even if I was not a Bisexual Woman I can't imagine I would ever be willing to back a group who makes such a drive for discrimination. While they may not be burning crosses on front lawns, they are no better than those groups who do. And simply aren't something which can be accepted!


  1. This post was really well thought out and I thank you for the facts and good information. I've emailed ABC and intend to contact One Million Moms. I think this whole situation is a complete outrage!! There are so many more important things that need to be addressed in the U.S. and who or who isn't on a damn tv show is obsurd! I hope OMM ends up with egg on their face plus a mouthful of crow. :)

  2. I posted the following on the OMM Facebook Wall:
    "How about using the power of "One Million Moms" to stop child abuse, the continued slavery in the US, hunger or any of a million REAL issues in the world rather than focusing on creating more hate and ignorance? All this drama over DWTS is only working against your cause, if you don't want your children exposed to the LGBT lifestyle, don't tell them he's transgendered... They'll never know!"

    Here is what I was told in responce:

    Response 1: "The mission of OMM is to inform you about a particular issue (TV network, sponsor, or station), giving you a link to a "take action" page on the website. You e-mail the responsible party. That's it! If you have a burden for helping with child abuse, slavery, hunger, or other issues, there are plenty of other organizations geared towards those, but OMM isn't one of them."

    Response 2: "There are other great organizations tackling these issues, but OMM's mission is to protect our children from negative influences (in the media & the entertainment industry) that could pull them away from Biblical beliefs. We desire for our children to have the best chance possible to live in a moral society."

    Response 3: "This is a fight worth fighting it is a game to intentionally cause global population control."

    At which point other members jumped to my defense... But I must say, #3 is kinda scary!


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